Pandomo Floor

Pandomo flooring by Ardex, Germany exemplifies characteristics of modern design and true minimalist living. The advanced formulation of Pandomo allows the flooring to extend to an area of 100 squared meters seamlessly, i.e. with no unsightly joints. Pandomo floor needs very little or almost no maintenance; making it a practical selection for living, work or play areas. The Pandomo system is a fast-track installation and is ideal for both retail and commercial use.

There are 2 types of Pandomo flooring – Pandomo K1 Floor and Pandomo K2 Loft Floor. Each differ in character and texture. Pandomo K1 has a smoother and glossier finish, while Pandomo K2 has a rougher texture with a raw and industrial feel.

All Pandomo flooring has a natural texture and distinct character which reflect differently under different lighting conditions. The distinct veining visual gives the floor With 45 colours to choose from, Pandomo gives designers plenty of play. Designers are also able to materialize seamless ideas and designs as Pandomo floor can be used with Pandomo Wall system to create a totally seamless room.

Download Pandomo K1 Floor Brochure Download Pandomo K2 Floor Brochure