Pandomo Terrazzo

Pandomo Terrazzo using modified cement binder by Ardex allows for an extremely stable terrazzo mix which spans up to a 100 meter square without joints. The technology in the cement formulation also caters for fast track installation as grinding can be carried out as soon as 1 day after casting. This superior system enables superb consistency, extreme adhesion and has very low shrinkage, thus eliminating the common problems of traditional terrazzo flooring.

Aesthetically, Pandomo Terrazzo exceeds that of normal terrazzo with ability to achieve high consistency. The product has exceptional strength, is very dense and non-porous. The hard-wearing surface makes Pandomo Terrazzo suitable for commercial, retail, institutional and residential purposes.

There are 2 different Pandomo Terrazzo systems:

  • Pandomo Micro Terrazzo is applied at 11mm thickness (aggregate sizes 1-3mm)
  • Pandomo Terrazzo Plus is applied at 25mm thickness (aggregate sizes 5-10mm)
Download Pandomo Terrazzo Micro Brochure Download Pandomo Terrazzo Plus Brochure